The Fan Reactions To Roman Reigns Entering The Royal Rumble Are Even Better Than The Match Itself

Sunday night’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view had at least one Match of the Year candidate, and an extremely good installment of the most beloved gimmick match of the year. But the most surprising thing about the event was the almost complete lack of surprises in the Rumble match itself.

With a whopping eight unannounced spots out of 30 heading into the Rumble, WWE fans were clamoring for comebacks and debuts, but at the end of the day, seven of those eight spots went to run-of-the-mill wrestlers already on the roster. The lone exception was Tye Dillinger, the NXT favorite who made his main roster debut.

The ultimate disappointment, of course, was with the No. 30 spot. As the clock ticked down, fans on social media, in the Alamodome and around the world, feverishly speculated on who would enter last, as we had already seen all the other advertised participants. Would it be a returning Finn Bálor? A debuting Samoa Joe? Perhaps Kenny Omega or Kurt Angle?

Then the clock hit zero and the music hit, and it was … Roman Reigns, who had already lost a Universal Championship match earlier in the evening. If you thought your personal disappointment was bad at that moment, it’s likely nothing compared to some of these other amazingly, hilariously despondent fan reactions, compiled here in one easy supercut:

That video really is the gift that keeps on giving. Everyone is just ready to fling themselves off a bridge, and it’s strangely therapeutic to watch and listen to everyone go through the roller coaster of emotions together.

It really was brilliant, though, as it got people losing their minds in favor of Randy Orton, of all people. But don’t think too hard about that. Just go ahead and watch that video again. It’s nothing but good times. You know, because of the bad times.