These Advertised Names For WWE SmackDown May Hold More Clues For The Upcoming Brand Split

As the weeks roll on towards July’s WWE roster split — where Smackdown and Raw will officially receive their exclusive wrestlers — we’re getting more and more clues as to who will go where. Last week, the Mohegan Sun ran an advertisement that shouted out the names of AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, The New Day, Dean Ambrose, and more, as being a part of the Smackdown roster come August.  That’s quite the roster, and it looks like — if it’s correct — WWE is beefing up their Smackdown card with a lot of newer talent.

A new ad for New England’s DCU Center is advertising some of those same names, but they’ve also thrown in Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and WWE Women’s Champ Charlotte. The show is also boasting a one-on-one match between Seth Rollins and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. The live Smackdown is scheduled for July 19, which is the very first brand spilt Smackdown show.

This means several things.

If Roman Reigns and Charlotte will be on the show, then the world champions will likely be floating from Smackdown and Raw. Also, if it’s to be believed that Seth Rollins is on the show, then he’s a part of Smackdown unless the match he’s having with Reigns is a dark match. With Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles advertised for both cards in the brand split era, it’s likely that both of them are definitely coming to Smackdown.

It also means one more thing: This is all highly subject to change, and could be WWE’s way of throwing some curveballs at us. My guess? All of the talents that just got “future endeavored” will make their return during the draft and will comprise the Raw roster until it burns to the ground and all that is left is Smackdown.