WWE Royal Rumble 2018 By The Numbers

Contributing Writer
01.29.18 20 Comments


You can excuse us if we’re still trying to catch our breath from Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. If you’re trying to avoid spoilers … well why did you click on a Rumble by the numbers post, you ding-dong? Regardless, we’ll keep them out of the first paragraph, at the very least.

The Rumble contained everything we expect from the event each year. The thrilling, panic-inducing men’s Royal Rumble match. The Kofi Kingston avoidance of elimination. The earth-shattering surprises. And of course, all the normal number-counting things we need to investigate and dissect every year. You’re welcome.

First up, we have the always-important iron man stat, where WWE lets a Superstar shine for the better part of an hour before being eliminated. The iron man is rarely the same as the Rumble winner, but it’s always, always treated as a very big deal and usually an important show of confidence, to boot.

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