Rumor Has It Tye Dillinger Is Being Kept Off WWE Television For A Very Silly Reason

Contributing Writer
02.09.18 36 Comments


In 2017, Tye Dillinger fulfilled the dreams of many diehard NXT fans when he entered the Royal Rumble at No. 10 — pretty much the only option for the man who calls himself “The Perfect 10.” Like Tyler Breeze before him, Dillinger rode a wave of fan love and loyalty all the way to a can’t-miss gimmick and the simplest pro wrestling catchphrase since “Yes.”

Despite his big Rumble debut, it was still a few more months before his official call-up to the main roster as a part of Smackdown Live, and still another month after that for him to fulfill all his NXT obligations.

Since being in WWE full time, Dillinger hasn’t done a whole heck of a lot. He’s had a low-level feud with Baron Corbin and a few United States Championship shots, but other than that … nada.

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