This ‘Team America’ Tribute To Rusev’s WWE United States Championship Reign Is Incredible

Please note that this video contains NSFW lyrics, and NSFYourHeart emotional gravitas.

Here’s a fun sentence I never thought I’d write: This mash-up of Rusev’s U.S. Championship reign and that song from Team America: World Police made me super emotional about pro wrestling. Well, fun until you watch the video, that is. Though we’re supposed to believe that Rusev is just a rude dude with a European ‘tude, one YouTube user recognized that he’s been the hero America needs, even if he’s not the hero America deserves.

As we should all know by now, Rusev lost his U.S. Championship match to Roman Reigns at Sunday’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view. Despite Lana’s brave and valiant efforts, the wet boy with the Duracell battery-inspired gear ruined Rusev’s title run, like he ruined their wedding celebration. What a dink.

Blending footage of his title reign and Clash match with ‘America, F*ck Yeah’ may not be the most current reference, but hey — it’s WWE. I mean heck, That ’70s Show cast members are visiting Raw on Monday, so “current” isn’t exactly the name of their game here. We’ll allow it for a fan video, especially one that points out what a glorious representative of the United States the Bulgarian Brute really was, and how truly terrible WWE faces really are.

Rusev machka? More like Roman Reigns machka … OUR HEARTS.

h/t Reddit