This WWE Video On The Sharpshooter’s Origins Might Be A Not-So-Subtle Jab At Bret Hart

Recently, pro wrestling legend and giver of no f*cks Bret Hart absolutely went in on Triple H’s wrestling ability (and Vince McMahon’s nepotism), as inspired by their disparate ratings in WWE 2K16. Early Monday morning, WWE posted a video to their Twitter account on the real history of The Sharpshooter, Bret’s notorious submission finisher. As the video points out, there was a lengthy history before the Hit Man got his legs wrapped around it. It also has some folks wondering if it’s merely a fun fact, or further shots fired at one of their favorite targets:

“Remember, kids: Bret Hart ain’t sh*t!” is an oddly-timed historical fact to just drop in on a Monday. The origins of pro wrestling moves is a completely fascinating subject, and some fans really aren’t familiar with the actual innovators of some of the most popular finishers. WWE loves touting its storied past (both true and … well, you know), so it could be a completely innocent reminder of how much WWE loves guys like Riki Choshu and Sting with absolutely no malice attached whatsoever.

I mean, that would be a total stretch, right? Assuming WWE would want to humiliate a Hart in some way? … Right?