Reddit Proved That Shinsuke Nakamura’s Entrance Is Great With Any Music, Even Nickelback

Reddit has proven time and again to be one of the most useful sources for crowdfunding answers to all of your burning questions. Well, most of the time, anyways. After the revelation that every wrestling fan’s positive jam “Glorious Domination” was originally intended for Shinsuke Nakamura before it came to rest on the sequined shoulders of Bobby Roode, the folks over at r/SquaredCircle had the best reaction possible. While each performer’s theme is deeply tied to them in the consciousness of WWE fans, Reddit proved that Nakamura is still cool as hell coming out to anything. And we mean anything:

Yes. Holy sh*t, a thousand times yes.

Okay, so maybe that theme isn’t everyone’s jam like it is mine (I really don’t need a weekend lover), but don’t worry, they weren’t finished. Next up, the King of Strong Style meets Gangrel’s theme:

You’ve gotta admit, the timing on that is pretty badass. Maybe slightly less badass, but nonetheless still absolutely incredible, is Disco Inferno’s theme dubbed over Nak’s entrance:

As much as I love Rising Sun and Subconscious, I can safely say that entrance is perfect and should be his forever. If you’re still trying to figure out what Nak would look like with Roode’s theme, they’ve got you covered there too:

Meh. It’s okay. It definitely works better when it’s swapped the other way around, even if it looks like every dude walking into a Rasputina concert

Redditors were completely confident that Nakamura’s cool factor transcends any music. Maybe too confident.

Oh no.

And they weren’t finished there:

I always appreciate heaping amounts of CanCon, but just … not like this, guys. Not like this.