Did WWE Accidentally Spoil The Identity Of The New Smackdown General Manager?

Possible spoilers inside, obviously!

Monday’s episode of WWE Raw featured the return of Mr. McMahon, and the promise that he would name the new commissioner of Smackdown Live. He did, but it was an obvious decision disguised as a new one: he named Shane McMahon the commissioner of Smackdown, named Stephanie McMahon the commissioner of Raw, and told them they each had a week to pick a General Manager. Authority figure semantics.

According to an image snagged from the WWE app, it doesn’t look like this staggered announcement was always the plan. In what appears to be a headline somebody forgot to change when they changed the rest of the blurb, a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion will be the GM, as we (and presumably a lot of people) predicted:

Image credit to Danny Stuart, via Wrestling Inc.

So yeah, get your YES chants ready again, because it looks like current Cruiserweight Classic analyst, Total Divas star and NXT season one contestant Daniel Bryan will be running day-to-day operations for the blue team. A duo of fan favorites like Bryan and Shane McMahon running Smackdown should definitely get fans watching. That means there’s a 100 percent chance of Triple H as the General Manager of Raw, right?

Let’s hope this still happens, and doesn’t get changed on the fly because the internet accidentally found out. Unless we were supposed to find out, in which case, let the knees fly!