WWE Smackdown Live Results 8/30/16

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Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Smackdown Live results for August 23, 2016. The show featured Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin in the main event, the continuation of the Tag Team Championship tournament and the next chapter of the big Carmella heel turn. Be back here tomorrow for the full Best and Worst of Smackdown column.

WWE Smackdown Live Results:

— The show opened with a recap of The Miz’s promo on last week’s “Talking Smack.” Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan watch on a monitor and Shane says he thinks Bryan owes Miz an apology and that he shouldn’t provoke the talent.

— The Miz and Maryse were in the ring as Miz cut another impassioned promo. He says the fans are cowards and cheer for the wrong people. He is interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, who suggests that Miz prove to the world he’s not a coward by fighting him right now. Miz teases fighting, but then walks to the back.

1. Tag Team Tournament First Round Match: The Hype Bros defeated the Vaudevillains. The Hype Bros won a very short match with the Hype Ryder.

— AJ Styles comes to the ring, still wearing his John Cena headband. He demands to be introduced as “The Face That Runs The Place.” He promises to beat Dean Ambrose to win the WWE Championship, but is interrupted by Apollo Crews. Crews says he asked Daniel Bryan for a match against Styles, and that match starts now.

2. AJ Styles defeated Apollo Crews. Styles picked up the pinfall victory after a Phenomenal Forearm.

— Renee Young traveled to Heath Slater’s trailer park home to conduct a sit-down interview with Slater, Rhyno and Slater’s wife, Beulah.

— Bray Wyatt delivered a “sermon” to Randy Orton and advised him to run. Instead, Orton came out to confront him. Orton said he’s not afraid of Bray and he’s not afraid to kick his ass now. Bray disappeared before Orton could get in the ring.

3. Alexa Bliss and Natalya defeated Becky Lynch and Naomi. Nikki Bella was on commentary for the match, talking about her burgeoning feud with Carmella. Carmella came out and attacked Nikki at the announce table, distracting Becky and allowing Alexa to roll her up for the pin.

4. Heath Slater and Rhyno defeated The Headbangers. The Headbangers were wrestling their first WWE match in 16 years. Rhyno and Slater both got busted open in this match and Rhyno hit the Gore for the win.

— A man named Gary “The Milkman” Milman was in the ring and said he had been granted a license to compete tonight. He stripped down to his underwear. Kane’s music hit and Kane came out and chokeslammed Milman.

5. Baron Corbin defeated Dean Ambrose. Corbin and Kane crossed paths on Corbin’s way to the ring. AJ Styles sat in on commentary for this match. Styles attempted to get involved and kicked Corbin in the head by mistake. All three men fought after the match. Ambrose hit Corbin with Dirty Deeds and crotched Styles on the top rope, then left.

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