It Appears The Spirit Squad Is Once Again Done With WWE

Okay, quick show of hands: how many of you had already forgotten that two-fifths of the original spirit squad, Kenny and Mikey, had recently returned to WWE? The still-in-shape male cheerleaders returned to Smackdown Live last year as a human taunt during The Miz’s long, long, long feud with Dolph Ziggler. They were motivated, energetic, and looked like they were determined to make the most of this new go-round. Kenny even got canned from his day job!

And now, it appears the dream is over for the Spirit Squad. Alas, poor Mikey. I knew him, Dolph.

Over the weekend, Kenny and Mikey’s profiles were moved from the Smackdown Live roster page to the “alumni” section, the officially understood “this person is no longer with the company” maneuver. In actuality, Kenny and Mikey had already returned to taking independent bookings back in mid-November, which is probably why you hadn’t thought about them since then.

But given Smackdown Live already had the deeper tag team roster, and they wouldn’t have really been much of a fit on the Raw roster (and that the “Kenny Dykstra, singles wrestler” idea was scrapped back in 2008), you might as well free up that space on the roster page. Maybe move a couple of Heath Slater’s kids in there, instead.