WWE Isn’t Canceling Backlash After All, Just Moving And Renaming It


Earlier this month we shared the news that upcoming WWE pay-per-view Backlash, originally set for June 16 in San Diego, CA, was set to be canceled following the rescheduling of the next Saudi Arabia show getting moved to June 7. Not only did WWE not want to run two “pay-per-views” back to back, they didn’t want to run a show called “Backlash” immediately following an international show that will get tons of backlash.

There appeared to be an attempt to just move Backlash back a week and change cities, and it looks like that finally happened with the official announcement of the pay-per-view after Saudi Arabia 3 … only without the Backlash name. Meet your newest WWE pay-per-view classic, Stomping Grounds.

(At least they didn’t call it ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ again.)

Per the above Facebook video, “Stomping Grounds” will air on June 23 from the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA. They even announced a match for it, featuring Randy Orton, who other than maybe Seth Rollins is the best possible wrestler to use to promote “stomping.” Looks like he’ll be facing Roman Reigns for the first time ever™, pending any changes between now and mid-June. Like plans could change that easily!


No word yet on any match type or gimmick for the pay-per-view, but we’ll keep you posted in case anyone slapped a STOMPING GROUNDS sticker on the old Bragging Rights trophy.