WWE Studios Will Expand Into More Television And Digital Content

WWE is more than just a wrestling company. They like to be called “sports entertainment” as we all know, but most people think of wrestling when it comes to WWE. They always have a vision of being more than that, though. That’s why WWE Studios has existed for the last 15 years (originally called WWE Films) and why they continue to produce movies such as The Marine 6 with The Miz, Shawn Michaels and Becky Lynch that is filming now.

There’s even a movie about WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon’s life that may be in the works where WWE wants Bradley Cooper to play McMahon. The point is, WWE is always wanting to do more and today we found out they want WWE Studios to grow too.

It was announced on WWE.com that WWE Studios is going to become multi-platform meaning they are going to produce more than just movies because they have plans to develop television content as well as digital (internet) shows in the future.

Here’s how Vince McMahon explained it:

“Given the size of our fan base and their appetite for WWE programming well beyond our core in-ring shows Monday Night Raw and SmackDown LIVE, this is the ideal time to further establish the WWE brand with new genres across platforms. WWE Studios is open for business with this new TV and digital initiative.”

The WWE Studios division is run by President Michael Luisi, who will oversee their new television and digital directive while the studio will be represented by the monstrous global talent agency WME during these projects.

Luisi said that WWE is looking for new partners to work on their projects in television and digital platforms.

“Our new expanded focus on television and digital continues to push WWE Studios as a multi-platform production company with the ability to create original content for global distribution, as we have successfully done for the big screen. We look forward to identifying key partners to work alongside us while creating opportunities to use our on-screen WWE talent in new and exciting ways.”

The press release from WWE noted that they already have successful television shows in Total Divas and Total Bellas (both on E Network) as well as a documentary on Andre the Giant that they are working on with HBO. They are also producing a movie with The Rock and writer/director Stephen Merchant to produce “Fighting With My Family” about the life of current WWE superstar Paige.

There’s no word yet on what these new WWE projects may be, but it’s interesting to see them willing to expand the WWE Studios division. It should mean more projects for WWE talent while the company also seeks out opportunities with more mainstream talent as well.