‘WWE SuperCard’ Is Still Going Strong With A Big WrestleMania Update

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03.26.18 5 Comments

2K/Cat Daddy

When WWE SuperCard dropped on mobile devices way back in 2014, it was quickly downloaded and played by a whoooole bunch of people. To date, the game has been downloaded over 16.5 million times, and there is a large swath of seriously dedicated and committed SuperCard players who compete on a daily basis.

We’re now well into the fourth “season” of the virtual collectible card game. Tweaking the game when needed or when certain components become clunky is obviously a delicate balancing act, and considerations have to be made for hardcore and casual players alike.

To that end, Cat Daddy will be releasing a big update to the game this week, just in time for WrestleMania 34, and naturally it will feature a new tier of WrestleMania 34 cards, which will be the new highest tier of cards you can accumulate. Oh, and they look absolutely gorgeous, with animated confetti and Mardi Gras masks to give you that full New Orleans feel.

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