A Former WWE Superstar Will Join The NWA Announce Team, Replacing Jim Cornette

In the last episode of the fourth episode of Lucha Underground, a shadowy, higher power figure was introduced. The character was never given a name, but he was played by Stu Bennett, formerly known as WWE’s Wade Barrett. At the end of tonight’s episode of NWA Powerrr, Bennett was the subject of another reveal, this one less dramatic, but still a piece of good news for fans of “Bad News” Barrett.

After a breakdown of the card for the NWA’s upcoming December 14 PPV, Into the Fire, Nick Aldis announced that Stu Bennett will join the NWA Broadcast team at that event.

Bennett is a replacement for Jim Cornette, who resigned from the NWA last month after telling an offensive joke on commentary (which somehow made it to the final edit of a pre-taped TV show.) Tonight’s season finale was Cornette’s last appearance on NWA Powerrr and the company released a video on social media afterward thanking him for his support of the promotion.

Though Cornette’s contributions to the NWA over the decades are undeniable, giving the guy who just caused them a huge PR fiasco an extra special thank you doesn’t make it seem like the NWA understands and/or cares why said fiasco happened in the first place. Still, Bennett seems like a very capable replacement for Cornette on the promotion’s commentary team.