WWE Tested A New Production Crew At Last Night’s Boston Supershow That Could Change WWE Network


WWE apparently recorded its dual-branded Supershow in Boston last night, not because it has specific plans to do anything with that show, but as a test of a new streamlined production team who may be handling house shows in the future.

According to PWInsider, this smaller crew did their job without the familiar WWE Production trucks that they usually bring to any venue where TV is being produced. This is apparently a test of a new streamlined style of production that the company is considering using to record house shows for broadcast on the WWE Network, probably as part of a $15/month tier that they’re considering implementing in 2019.

Next month’s Starrcade event in Cincinnati Ohio will reportedly be recorded with a similar production system and crew. Last year, many fans complained that the Starrcade revival wasn’t shown on the network, so it would make sense if that was the first full house show they post, perhaps as a preview of the endeavor in advance of the new pricing model. On the other hand, that may simply be another big house show that will serve as an ideal dry run for the producers, before they actually record anything with the intent to release it.