These A Capella And Melodica Versions Of WWE Themes Are Even Better Than The Real Thing

Any WWE fan worth their salt has at least one wrestler’s entrance theme on their phone or in iTunes or whatever it is you use to listen to music. It might be Bobby Roode’s theme, or any number of CFO$-penned ditties. Heck, it might even be the American Males theme song. It’s probably American Males. But get ready to replace everything on all of your devices with the new hotness: a capella wrestler themes.

An amazingly talented poster on r/SquaredCircle likes to stream and upload his WWE 2K17 playthroughs to YouTube, but he doesn’t want to continually get flagged for copyright violations due to music. So he discovered the perfect way around it: he created completely self-done versions of the theme songs, using only his voice and occasionally a melodica. The end result: PURE MAGIC.

If you were having a bad day, that should cheer you right the hell up. Now the a capella versions are the only things I ever want to hear. Especially the Rusev and Cesaro songs. AND ANOTHER THING: it’s always jarring when you hear someone else rap the verses to John Cena’s theme just how nonsensical and ridiculous the lyrics are.

The creator of these wonderful themes has promised there are more on the way, so we’re definitely going to stay tuned. Anyway, please stay hot for the rest of your Monday by listening to these themes on repeat. And try not to let anyone catch you in the next man’s sweater.