Triple H Actually Had To Convince Bobby Roode To Use ‘Glorious Domination’ As His WWE Theme

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10.08.16 6 Comments

Bobby Roode was a big deal in TNA before he left that company, but it certainly feels like he’s been an even bigger deal since the first moment he popped up on WWE television. His popularity among WWE and NXT fans became a supernova from the first instant we all heard his theme song, “Glorious Domination.” The song has become a meme and I think it’s safe to say it has changed lives at this point. But we were almost denied Bobby Roode’s glory, if you can believe it.

In an interview with RVA Mag, Roode spilled the beans about the input he had on “Glorious Domination.” Shockingly, not only was that not the theme he originally picked out for himself, but he had to actually be convinced to use it.

“I had a song that was picked out that was different than the ‘Glorious Domination’ that everyone is familiar with now. Triple H came to me and said the song I chose originally really didn’t fit the character that he saw. We talked in great lengths about how I wanted to portray myself as a character. I wanted to bring back the robes and wanted to kind of go back to the character I portrayed before. The ‘Glorious Domination’ song was created for someone else and it just happened to be there, not being used, and I got to listen to it. It was obviously very different from the song I chose originally, but Triple H was a fan of it, I was a fan of it, Michael Hayes was a fan of it, a lot of people were fans of the song. I thought, ‘Hey, why not? Let’s give it a whirl.’ The song itself took off and delineated the entrance and character and everything. That entrance at Brooklyn… obviously I had a lot of great creative minds helping me out there, but honestly, once I’m out there, I just kind of do my own thing. I just felt the music if that makes any sense and kind of just fell into my character. Everything just flowed.”

Triple H has to talk him into it! That is incredible. That’s one of those crucial junctures in the space-time continuum that would have changed everything. The next step in this mystery is trying to puzzle out who in the world that theme might have been used for, if not Roode. My god, would Wesley Blake have been gifted the greatest theme song ever, with no actual glory there to back it up?

Fear not, everyone. It turns out we might not be in the darkest timeline after all.

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