Wrestlers React On Twitter To Paul Heyman And Eric Bischoff Taking Over WWE TV


As we learned this morning, Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff are taking over creative duties on Raw and Smackdown respectively. Not as onscreen General Managers or anything like that, but as actual Executive Directors who answer only to Vince McMahon. Naturally, this surprise announcement took the wrestling internet by storm, and everybody has their take, including a lot of past and present WWE talent. Here are some of the tweets reacting to the story. If there’s any good ones we missed, share them in the comments.

Unsurprising given his recent attitude toward WWE, Seth Rollins is into it.

As always, Rusev makes it funny, and maybe just a little sarcastic:

Matt Hardy may not be paying attention.

EC3 is running game (and honestly, let’s hope it works out for him).

Tyler Breeze seemed a bit critical (if not at all incorrect)…

But the he claimed that’s not what he was talking about at all.

Killian Dane played off Lance Storm’s surprise.

No Way Jose’s mind is blown.

And as for the still-MIA Sasha Banks, she might be referencing something else, but this is certainly a reaction.

It must be even weirder for the workers to learn that these two are taking over TV than it is for the rest of us. After all, a lot of the current WWE Superstars watched wrestling shows as children that were run by Heyman and Bischoff.