WWE Is Reportedly Weighing A Lot Of Different Options For How To Use Enzo Amore

The future of Enzo Amore is an interesting topic of conversation among the WWE Universe these days. A few weeks ago we covered the story about how Enzo was kicked off a bus that the Raw tour was on a few months ago. The name “Enzo Annoying” that he’s been called on television at times is fitting, apparently.

The original source of that “kicked off the bus” story was the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and it actually made it to WWE Network as the trio of John Bradshaw Layfield, Corey Graves and Peter Rosenberg talked about the incident on Bring it to the Table (without mentioning the Observer, of course). JBL noted he had kicked people off buses before and how they had “wrestler’s court” in his era as well. JBL pointed out that when the locker room turns on somebody, it’s tough for a guy to make it although he credited Miz for surviving after people didn’t like him. Graves was harsh when speaking about Enzo, saying he didn’t really like the guy because he’s loud and abrasive. Graves credited Enzo for being popular with the crowd and selling a lot of merchandise, so he wasn’t entirely negative on the Certified G.

In this week’s Observer, Dave Meltzer wrote that there have been internal talks within WWE about what they want to do with Enzo now that he has split from Big Cass and trounced repeatedly by his former partner. Meltzer noted that Vince McMahon views Enzo as a guy the heels can beat up and get heat off of, because the fans love Enzo.

The first idea for Enzo’s future is for him to return to NXT as a popular star that help sell tickets to live events, and it would also keep him away from Vince, who probably doesn’t get the appeal of his character that well. Plus, they could also tell the story of Enzo trying to prove himself as a singles star in NXT, which could lead to him improving in the ring.

Another idea for Enzo’s future is to move him to the 205 Live brand, because he can get big reactions from the fans (unlike most of the guys in the cruiserweight division). It would allow Enzo to stay on Raw and he could also work the 205 Live show on Tuesdays. Corey Graves brought up that he thinks Enzo should be a part of 205 Live, with Meltzer noting that Graves isn’t the first person to suggest that. Chris Jericho has mentioned it in the past as well.

I like the 205 Live idea for Enzo, because he can work with some great in-ring performers on that show and hopefully he’ll get better in the ring. Let him work with Neville at live events for a few months. Neville is one of the best performers in WWE right now, so he can help Enzo get better while the crowd will always be behind Enzo since he’s got a strong personality and the fans love his catchphrases.

Long term, it may be tough for Enzo to be a huge star on the main roster because he’s a smaller guy that’s below average in the ring. It doesn’t mean WWE should give up on him, though. Give him a shot in 205 Live or NXT and see how far he can go on his own.

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