Enzo Amore Reportedly Has Backstage Heat in WWE And You Shouldn’t Teach That

07.13.17 2 years ago 20 Comments

Enzo Amore has had a rough couple of months on WWE Raw after his tag team partner Big Cass turned on him, and apparently he has had some issues backstage, too. According to Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Enzo has a lot of heat on him for an incident that happened on a tour bus when the Raw roster was traveling together. It’s not clear whether this happened in Europe where the crew tends to travel in a tour bus, or if it was elsewhere.

While Meltzer can’t confirm exactly what Enzo did to warrant this reaction, the story is that he upset people so much that Roman Reigns kicked Enzo off the bus. The Raw roster also gave Enzo the “Miz treatment” for some time due to his heat. If you’ll recall, when The Miz started in WWE, he wasn’t liked by a lot of people and was forced to dress in the hallway until he got his attitude right.

Meltzer added that a recent Enzo promo about how how his real life was better than his fantasy life (that would be WWE) was considered to be a shoot comment, because Enzo lives in Los Angeles now and he’s having a great time.

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