WWE Raw And Smackdown Will Return To Madison Square Garden This Fall

07.15.19 1 month ago


WWE‘s use of Madison Square Garden as a show location has decreased in the 21st century, but this September, Raw and Smackdown will be filmed in the famous arena for the first time in almost ten years. According to Wrestlingdata, since 2014, WWE has run three house shows at the venue that used to be a regular PPV location before it got too expensive.

WWE.com points out that “the last time Monday Night Raw took place at MSG was Nov. 16, 2009, featuring John Cena & The Undertaker against Triple H & Shawn Michaels of D-Generation X against Chris Jericho & Big Show of JeriShow in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match,” which sounds like a more creative version of a WWE Saudi Arabia main event except for one movie star who won’t work there and one dad rock star who works for another company now.

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