Check Out This Very Cool Aerial Video Of The WrestleMania 33 Set Under Construction

Last week, we got to see the very first early pictures of the WrestleMania 33 set beginning to be built. It’s a long process, and by the looks of things, and extremely extensive process. It was hard to tell much about what was happening at Camping World Stadium, other than the customary massive tent above the ring, which is now standard for outdoor WrestleManias.

But now, thanks to WKMG News in Orlando (not to be confused with MGK News, which covers people Kevin Owens powerbombs off stages), we have an extended aerial video of what the stadium looks like just one week out from WrestleMania. It looks like an absolutely enormous set, which shouldn’t be a surprise if you remember the WrestleMania XXIV set the last time this stadium hosted the event.

There were some unconfirmed reports over the weekend that the set is, in fact, a roller coaster, to play off the “Ultimate Thrill Ride” tagline for this year’s event. This certainly lends some credence to that theory, as the “sun” structure at the top of the stage could very well be some sort of (fake) roller coaster, with the tracks spiraling down. Either that, or it’s a surprise endorsement deal and they’re building a massive version of the AT&T logo.

In my opinion, they should take the WrestleMania III entrance carts one step further and have everyone come to the ring on a roller coaster track. It’s the most sensible option.