This Year’s WWE WrestleMania Will Now Be A Two-Night Event Hosted By Rob Gronkowski

This year’s WrestleMania has already been transformed by the coronavirus pandemic from a weeklong 80,000-fan stadium extravaganza in Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium to a no-fans, essential personnel event held at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, and now it’s changing again: for the first time ever, WrestleMania will now be a two-night event, and it’ll be hosted by Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk, who has spoken repeatedly about wanting to follow his career in the NFL with one in WWE and has been rumored to begin with the company soon to the point of being soft announced on Smackdown, shared the announcement on Twitter on Wednesday evening.

The concept of a two-night WrestleMania is one that’s been floated by fans for a while now, especially after New Japan Pro Wrestling decided to make January’s Wrestle Kingdom event a two-nighter, but no one could’ve predicted that it would start as part of the relocation from Tampa to Orlando during the pandemic. Adding Rob Gronkowski only adds to how bizarre and unprecedented this year’s Showcase of the Immortals™ should be.

Current betting odds that Mojo Rawley will win the 24/7 Championship back from Riddick Moss only to lose it to Gronk at WrestleMania One Of Two now set at 1/1.