Bray Wyatt’s Dream WrestleMania Opponent Will Probably Make You Sad

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01.24.17 12 Comments

For the first time in a long time, Bray Wyatt seems to have a renewed sense of purpose since Randy Orton joined the new Wyatt Family. Or at least, he did for a while, before losing the tag titles to American Alpha. Still, the rejuvenated Bray-and-Randy dynamic makes you believe it’s still possible for Wyatt to achieve greatness at some point in WWE, every high-profile feud to date be damned. He may still have a glory day at WrestleMania one of these years, even if his first choice for an opponent is … no longer available.

Wyatt spoke to Sky Sports last week, and during the interview, he was asked about who would be his dream opponent. While he eventually named an ption that isn’t going to royally bum us out, the first name off the top of his head, who he thinks he will “always” have unfinished business with, is Daniel Bryan. I think a lot of fans can agree.

“Daniel Bryan would be my match-up. I could say a lot of names – The Undertaker, Jake “The Snake” Roberts”, Ric Flair in his prime -– but I didn’t feel I was finished with Bryan. I felt it was taken from me and I will always feel that way. This year, though, I plan to beat AJ Styles -– if he is still the champion -– and it would be good if it was a Last Man Standing Match.”

Yes, a Last Man Standing Match against AJ Styes would probably be awesome. Any Bray Wyatt match with actual stakes at WrestleMania would probably be awesome, because Bray is great at what he does. But he and Bryan probably could have really torn the house down on any given year, with even the most minimal build-up. Part of being a wrestling fan is being good at playing the “what-if” game, but man … this one seems to really sting, for some reason.

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