Stone Cold Steve Austin Thinks WWE’s Booking Of The Wyatt Family Is A ‘Travesty,’ And He’s Absolutely Right

If you’re a WWE fan, there’s a good chance you don’t take the Wyatt Family very seriously.

Honestly, how could you? Their booking has become a meme. “Random attack, explain the attack in a series of promos, lose an important match, repeat.” Every cycle is the same, whether they’re kidnapping Kane and The Undertaker with no payoff beyond getting beaten up, or threatening Roman Reigns’ family with no payoff beyond getting beaten up. Stone Cold Steve Austin talked about that very thing in a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show and said what we’ve been saying for a while: The Wyatt Family, at least the way WWE handles them on TV, is a travesty.

Here’s Austin’s read:

“They’ve really homogenized The Wyatt Family. They’ve got great music. They’ve got a great entrance. Bray cuts a hell of a promo and Luke Harper is starting to cut great promos. He has drastically improved too and I know this guy’s a veteran guy … these guys were some of the hottest guys in the company a year, year and a half ago. Here we are now and, I mean, just quite frankly, it is what it is. They don’t mean what they should to this company. And Bray Wyatt, being the leader of this faction, is taking a huge hit. And that’s a travesty of booking right there because, again, these are some very talented guys within The Wyatt Family structure.”

Back in January, the Wyatt Family ended an episode of Raw by beating up Brock Lesnar. They even teamed up to eliminate Brock from the Royal Rumble. There were rumors of Brock vs. Braun Strowman at Fastlane and Brock vs. Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania, and then … nothing. Strowman was rumored to be an opponent for The Undertaker, as well, but that fell through and plans changed. A few months ago, they were harvesting the souls of the Brothers of Destruction, and the end result was one (1) week of Bray having lightning powers. Kane and Undertaker just showed up again totally fine, and nothing was explained. You can go back to almost every Wyatt Family story since they were called up to the main roster and dissect it like this. How sad is that? I think the only person they’ve won a feud against is R-Truth.

Is there a way to save them? Are they too homogenized? Are they just there to fill roles? Was their success in situations like The Shield feud — which produced one of the very best matches of the year — a fluke? Did we just really love The Shield? What’s going on?