Heat Of The Moment: Sunday Night Heat, Episode 1 (August 2, 1998)

WWE Network

Welcome to the first edition of Heat of the Moment, aka the UPROXX Sunday Night Heat recap.

In case you aren’t aware and/or weren’t watching at the time, Sunday Night Heat (or eventually just “WWE Heat”) was the World Wrestling Federation’s Sunday evening show on the USA Network, meant to tide folks over until Raw Became War on Mondays and occasionally serve as a “kickoff show” for pay-per-view events. WWE Network recently uploaded the first year of the show, and since our vintage Best and Worst of Raw has reached Heat’s first episode, we figured we’d add it to the rotation.

You can watch the first episode on WWE Network here. If you like these, and our break from the normal Best and Worst format, make sure to share it around so it gets read and drop us a comment below.

Here’s what you missed 21 years ago on WWF Sunday Night Heat, episode one, originally aired on August 2, 1998.


WWE Network

Every segment featured in our Sunday Night Heat recap will be graded on a “heat index” scale from cold to hot, as illustrated by the following symbols.

? = hot
❄️ = cold

Creative, right? Our scale will run from a maximum of five snowflakes (the coldest, aka the worst) to a maximum of five flames (the hottest, aka the best). It’s completely different from Best and Worst grading, and also totally not a Dave Meltzer adjacent star system.