The Young Bucks’ Christmas Included Superkicks From Santa Claus

Yes, the bad news is that we’ve missed out on The Young Bucks in WWE for at least one more year. The good news is, they’re still going to be all over indie pro wrestling and will not be putting any sort of a damper on being their endearingly obnoxious selves.

To that end, The Elite of the Bullet Club (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, and Kenny Omega) took to their official YouTube channel over the weekend to post about their Christmas celebrations. It should come as no surprise that the Young Bucks celebrate the holiday by having Santa Claus superkick a small child, Matt superkicking their dad (possibly while he was on the john), teaming up WITH Santa to triple-superkick a young girl trimming the tree, and finishing up the whole thing by superkicking Santa right in the mush and stealing his big red sack. Basically, if you like watching children get superkicked, it’s about to be a very good day for you.

Behold the complete Young Bucks hijinks:

And you can see additional Bucks and Omega funsies here, including the Bucks gleefully contributing to the next generation of spot monkeys, plus getting punched in the dicks by Santa.

Thank you to the Elite for this wonderful holiday gift. Here’s hoping they superkick Bull Dempsey in a cupid diaper for Valentine’s Day.