The Young Bucks Superkicked Matt Hardy’s Beloved Drone, Vanguard 1

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12.06.16 9 Comments

As the first official act of their brand new contracts with Ring of Honor and New Japan, the Young Bucks are jumping directly into a war with Matt Hardy and his broken brood. Broken Matt appeared via video at Ring of Honor’s Final Battle pay-per-view on Friday, challenging the Bucks of Youth to a match against the Hardys over WrestleMania weekend in Orlando. But things have already gotten personal, as the Bucks have unleashed a devastating attack on the Hardys’ emissary, Vanguard 1.

You may remember Vanguard 1 from The Final Deletion, or perhaps from DELETE OR DECAY, or maybe from the time it dressed up as a ghost for Halloween. At any rate, the drone is already a beloved character in the Broken Hardy mythos and has its own T-shirts on Pro Wrestling Tees. Because that’s just the world we’re living in. During Sunday’s ROH television tapings in Philadelphia, Vanguard 1 showed up to terrorize (or perhaps just say hello to) the Bucks, and they responded in the only way they know how: with a Superkick Party.

Here’s an alternate look at the superkick heard ’round the drone:

But perhaps the worst part? IT WASN’T EVEN THE REAL VANGUARD 1 APPARENTLY.

Curse you, Bucks of Youth. Is there no depth of depravity to which you will not sink?

While this isn’t the first time the Hardys and Bucks have mixed it up, it will be the first time these two teams do so on a large stage and in their current incarnations. And while TNA and ROH are not officially working together for this cross-promotional match, the feud is apparently going to spill over onto this Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, according to Broken Matt himself:

The most emotional pro wrestling storyline of 2017 is already a drone being kicked. Your move, WWE.

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