Anderson Silva Is Going To Fight Daniel Cormier On 48 Hours Notice And The MMA World Is Freaking Out

Just a few hours ago, UFC 200 was going to be headlined by two fighters that hated each other. With a Daniel Cormier win over Jon Jones, perhaps their feud wouldn’t be over, but for now, after Jon Jones potentially failed a drug test, it is. Cormier was devastated as a man who was possibly losing out on millions and a chance to redeem himself. Who could possibly step in for a Friday weigh-in, and a Saturday fight when the news broke late Wednesday?

Anderson Silva.

Despite various fighters throwing their hats in the Octagon, somehow Anderson Silva got the fight. The behind-the-scenes and logistics of this fight actually coming together are incredible. Anderson got all of his medicals done in mere hours, something Dana White called “impossible.” Despite Gegard Mousasi, Michael Bisping and even Dan Henderson trying for the fight, Silva won out and is making that walk in mere hours. Naturally, the MMA universe is pumped as hell.

Cormier/Bones was good, and had historic implications, but this is just pure fun. Any time we can watch Anderson Silva fight is a special time. Just imagine him winning on two days notice. Dana White has made it known that if Silva wins, he’ll more than likely face Michael Bisping in a rematch, which will give him a chance to reclaim his middleweight belt. That’s awesome, but would suck for Dan Henderson.