Notre Dame Did An Incredible Jersey Reveal Inspired By ‘The Hangover’ For A Game In Las Vegas

College football programs have become increasingly good at finding cool and unique ways to announce special jerseys. It usually involves some players, maybe a coach, and perhaps even some former players coming together for a video, or a photoshoot, or something else that is designed to get fans excited in the months leading up to a game.

Notre Dame decided to use that general framework for the jersey reveal ahead of its Oct. 8 game against BYU in Las Vegas this season and took things to another level. The gist: Remember that scene in The Hangover when the guys thought they were going to get Doug, only Ken Jeong brought them another dude named Doug, instead? Well, Notre Dame did that, with former players Mike Golic and Mike Golic Jr. bringing head coach Marcus Freeman, defensive lineman Isaiah Foskey, and tight end Michael Mayer what they thought was going to be their uniform for the game.

That did not happen, as they got an older jersey, instead. So the trio went onto the roof of the MGM Grand and found their crisp white unis in a bag before wearing them onto the field at Allegiant Stadium.

The number of nods to the movie even beyond the fact this exists really is spectacular — Foskey and Mayer singing the best friends song before Freeman reminding them he is their head coach is especially good. The uniforms themselves are quite nice, too, as the white-on-white with gold numbers look, when done right, is usually always going to look sharp.