Everything You Need To Know About Taylor Swift’s New Favorite Sneakers (And Where To Get A Pair)

Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce may or may not be dating… that’s cool, whatever, I don’t care about that (no shade if you do). What has me a lot more excited is Taylor Swift’s feet! Or more precisely, her footwear game, as Esquire reports that Swift showed up to last Sunday’s Chicago Bears vs the Kansas City Chiefs game showing team spirit, dressed in red and white from head to toe, including a pair of New Balance 550s White Team Red.

The 550 is currently one of New Balance’s most beloved silhouettes after it was reintroduced to the public via Aimé Leon Dore’s 2020 International Friendship Through Basketball collection, which brought the 550 out of New Balance’s archives. The sneaker features a simple leather build and a minimalist design, and was such a big deal in the sneaker world that ALD’s founder and creative director, Teddy Santis, gained a creative director position at New Balance.

But Taylor rocking the sneaker isn’t just a case of a big celebrity wearing a popular sneaker, it’s deeper than that.

Have you ever wondered why Taylor is the cultural force that she is? It’s because everything she does is layered in meaning, this gives her every move a level of depth that most pop stars/cultural icons just don’t share.

Taylor wearing the White Team Read 550s, with its mix of white, red, and black trim (which perfectly echoes the Chef’s logo) wasn’t just her showing support for Kelce’s team, it was also simultaneously a way for her to embody her latest era as she gears up to release the much anticipated album, 1989 Taylor’s Version.

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Guess which year the New Balance 550 was first released? I’m hoping you guessed 1989, because that’s the right answer. Only Taylor could make a public appearance that strengthens dating rumors into something of a symbolic gesture that slyly references her latest project.

Looking to buy a pair of New Balance 550s? Hit up the New Balance webstore right now where the White Team Red is still available. Get it while you can.