Vans Has An Exclusive New Shoe Dropping, Made From Fabric Straight Off The Factory Floor


It seems like everywhere you turn people are clamoring to get their hands on an oldie but a goodie: Vans’ Old Skool model of their classic lace-up skater shoes. The shoes are limited in color and consumers often have to resort to online purchases to find the right sizes. Adding to the exclusive vibe is the fact that limited releases are common from the shoe brand and often hard to come by.

This latest release is just as hype-able, even though it feels like the company is packaging scraps. Vans is releasing an Old Skool shoe in a patchwork style called “Factory Floor.” The Vans feature 15 different patches on the upper, suede at the toe box, heel, and lacing system, and white laces to boot, and because the fabric is from the factory floor, the left and right shoes are completely different.

There will only be 600 pairs of the shoes released, and making them even harder to come by, they will only be released in the U.K. on one Web site called size? (don’t worry, they ship to the states). The super exclusive limited release launches Friday, April 13, and the prices have not been determined so get your money ready for that UK exchange rate.