The Latest AirBnB Horror Story Involves A ‘Meth Trailer’ And A Customer Service Nightmare

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05.03.17 4 Comments


AirBnB remains wildly popular among travelers, but it’s steadily gaining a reputation for a lack of accountability. The company has faced scandals over hosts more than once and has also dealt with some pretty serious discrimination issues. Each time, the question is the same: “How much oversight does the company owe its users?”

The latest story, courtesy of journalist Nathaniel Friedman, adds to the pantheon of “Eek, you guys handled this sorta weird” tales. The crux of the matter? Once again, corporate accountability. Friedman’s full fourteen-tweet story is worth a read, but the gist is simple: Three friends in dire straits needed to book a room for the night. All that was available was an AirBnB listing for a trailer on a secure property. Instead, it turned out to be a garbage strewn trailer with no running water, covered in grafitti, and had to be locked with a wrench. Which didn’t stop the host appearing promptly at 8am, screaming for a positive review.

Amid all this, and the flagrant violations of AirBnB’s policy, they didn’t want to cough up a refund. Which is why Friedman — who has a large social following — went on Twitter in the first place: To force AirBnB to actually cough up the refund his friends were clearly owed.

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