Airbnb Hosts Share Their Worst Experiences Of ‘Temporary Roomies’ In Their Homes


When visiting Reddit, one must grow accustomed to a world of oddities. From Bill Nye the Science Guy Photoshop wars to talk of bedroom mistakes to the scariest stories, there’s something for everyone. There’s a lot of good and tons of bad, and the two extremes are not mutually exclusive.

When hosting via Airbnb, one must accept the consequences of welcoming strangers for some quick cash. The downside, of course, is that you’re gonna have people with some strange habits showing up on your doorstep. They’ll sleep in your bed, use your bathroom, swing from your chandeliers, and (maybe) puke in your air conditioning vents. The dirty details arrive courtesy of a Reddit thread filled with most memorable Airbnb hosting tales:

Savor_Today starts things off with the aforementioned AC vent story:

We got $2,000 cash from a dude who threw a party at one of our units.. People actually puked in the AC the old school come up from the floor vents… Done.

Sleep did not come easily to one of TheSandman‘s guests, who took apart his AC unit and was surprised at the results:

I live in NYC in a 1 bed. I have a floor AC unit that I keep in my bedroom. So, I had this women coming to NYC for the first time. She was staying for three days while I was upstate hiking. She said she could barely get through the night and it was so hot because the AC was broken. So I get home and notice that the AC unit was on and blowing cool air but she had moved the unit close to the bed and detached the exhaust hose so all the warm air was blowing out the back and into the room. I called her up and had to explain what was wrong and she said she just thought the cool air would be “more cold” than the hot air that was coming out the back.

This wouldn’t be a Reddit thread without a bodily function story, and EddyTheFlow will oblige you:

Sh*t, peanut butter, blood, thief. K– was smelly and not kind and I got some money from airbnb insurance. Pretty sure the airbnb dude on the phone was either laughing or holding in his puke when I told the story to him.

McAwesomeBoss got more than he bargained for, yet not enough:

My roommate was away for the weekend and he had rented his room out to this Swedish chick while my girlfriend was staying over. This girl just absolutely never had clothes on in the apartment. She just walked around in the nude, sat down on the couch and talked to us nude … as if she wasn’t nude. When she first walked out of the bedroom naked, my girlfriend and I sort of looked at each other oddly without saying a word.

Veteran Airbnb host JRosetti brings it home with an anthology of awfulness. This entry knocks the rest of them out of the guestroom:

Drunk constantly keeps refilling fire pit after told not to, throws beer cans into neighbors yard and then the wet the king sized bed to the point it was gagging the next morning and I had check ins on that bed that night. Memory foam king bed in 3 hours.

Apparently it’s common in some countries to clean yourself standing at a sink rather than the tub with a drain. This has caused some flooding of my bathroom and required I silicon everything I could on the floor … THE FLOOR. We even replaced the removeable showerhead with hose off with a fixed point one to combat this.

We had a male model staying here for a while and female guests kept hooking up with him lol. He was super sly about it. Id never have known if he wasn’t keeping me apprised.

The tales weren’t all bad, but who goes on a Reddit thread to say nice stuff? One soul, Loricyde, struck Airbnb gold with this miracle guest:

I had popped my bike’s front tire, and I didn’t have time to take it to the bike shop for a couple days. Since I use my bike to get to work, it was a serious pain in the a**. My guest split the tires and re-inflated them, patching the hole with spare rubber. He also told me to call him if I broke my bike again. He wasn’t a bike mechanic, just a cycling enthusiast. Amazing guy.

Well, it’s time to pack it up and go home, kids. It’s easy to make bank from hosting on Airbnb, but you will earn every fine cent.

(Via Reddit)

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