A Gift Guide For The Apple-Holic On Your List

Christmas can be a trying time for those looking to buy gifts for their favorite Apple enthusiast. If you don’t have the cash on hand to drop $1,000 or more on the newly-released iPhone X, or any one of the company’s equally-pricey laptops, not to worry — there are still plenty of affordable options out there. From computer ports to power adaptors to simple cases and accessories, there are plenty of third-party options when shopping for the Apple-holic on your Christmas list. And you can do it without breaking the bank.

OWS Port

As Apple continues to move away from USB ports (the latest MacBook Pro only comes with Thunderbolt ports), it becomes a necessity to carry around enough adaptors for standard USB ports — at least until all the rest of the tech starts playing catch up. But rather than juggle a handful of dongles, the OWS Port Thunderbolt 3 Dock is the best all-in-one adaptor on the market right now. It comes with five(!) USB ports, an ethernet port, a mini display port, and even a standard headphone jack, among a few others. Not to mention it matches Apple’s signature space-gray color, so it looks like a natural extension of a MacBook.

Buy It Here for $299


For those who don’t need an abundance of USB ports to augment their laptop, sometimes having a place to charge an iPhone is still a necessity. The PlugBug slips right onto any Macbook’s power pack, giving it an extra USB port to charge an iPhone — or iPad, Apple Watch, portable battery, any USB device, really. Along with the fact that it comes with five international plug adaptors, it’s the perfect gift for the world traveler who never goes anywhere without their MacBook.

Buy It Here for $34.43

Gooseneck Stand

If anyone has ever wanted to relax in bed while watching Netflix without actually putting a TV in their bedroom (or if they’re just really into Wall-E cosplay), then the Mingo gooseneck iPad stand is here to solve that problem. It has a 27-inch bendable arm, a clamp so you can put it just about anywhere, and it will hold an iPhone or iPad comfortably. There’s even a special vent attachment if you want to keep the binge-a-thon going while on the road. Assuming someone else is driving, of course.

Buy It Here for $49.99

AirPod Strap

For those who’ve made the switch from standard earbuds to wireless AirPods, they might have noticed they come with an unrelenting fear of being lost. Luckily, several third-party companies have come to alleviate these fears by offering straps that fasten to the AirPods while they’re in use. Spigen, who as we reported last year, had their strap for sale online before the AirPods even hit the market. Now, there are dozens to choose from, and while it does kind of defeat the purpose of wireless earbuds, if anyone’s worried about losing one and having to pony up $69 for a replacement, a few bucks for a strap can buy a lot of piece of mind.
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Speaking of AirPods, they come in a case that’s about the size of a travel-sized packet of floss, meaning it could be prone to disappearing somewhere deep within a backpack, purse, oversized pocket, or between two couch cushions. PodPockets are a silicone shell that goes around the AirPod case, giving it not only a bit of protection, but since comes with a keyring, much harder to lose track of. Unless it’s going to someone who constantly loses their keys, in which case, they’re on their own.

Buy It Here for $19.95

The Uncourage

Finally, the Apple fans using an iPhone 7, 8, or X (who aren’t yet onboard with the wireless AirPods) are stuck using the standard-issue lightning-connected earbuds. Or, if they’ve got a favorite pair of wired headphones, they can use the dongle that’s come included since the iPhone 7 launched last fall. Which, of course, begs the question: how do you keep track of a tiny little 3-inch piece of wire and not have it get lost, or stuffed away in that drawer crammed full of worn down, outdated charging cables from iPhones’ past?

That’s where the Uncourage comes in. This handy little hunk of metal is shaped like an earphone jack and fits on a keyring, so all your loved one has to do is attach the dongle and they’ll always know where it is. That is unless they’re prone to losing their keys. Which, again, means they’re on their own.

Buy It Here for $6.99

Or you could always get them a Tile to help them keep track of them.