Never Lose Your iPhone 7 Headphone Dongle With This Keychain Tool

As we all know, Apple cut the headphone jack with the iPhone 7, arguing it was a “courageous” move on their part. Most people, however, merely found it annoying that they’d have to resort to the notoriously unreliable Bluetooth headphones — of which Apple oh-so-coincidentally released a new line of the same day the iPhone 7 debuted — or have to carry around an easily lost dongle that connects your headphones to your phone. Fear not, however: a band of puckish Canadians figured out a way to ensure that you’ll never lose your dongle again!

The Uncourage is pretty simple — it’s just a headphone jack made out of steel with a base and a small hole. Click your dongle’s headphone port in, and ta-da! Your dongle is always on your keychain, ready for you to listen to some music, for $6. Well, $8 since there’s $2 shipping for Americans (lucky Canadians can enjoy it for two bucks off).

And before you ask, yes, there’s just a wee bit of sarcasm involved. If you visit the official site, you’ll find the Uncourage claims the same scratch resistance, waterproof capability and unibody construction that so, so many phones, laptops, and other tech toys promote as features. Pretty funny, sure, but the idea of keeping your dongle handy while ignoring Apple’s attempts to get you to buy their headphones will just make this purchase all the sweeter.

(Via Gizmodo)

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