Someone Has Already Invented A Strap For Apple’s Wireless AirPods

The moment Apple debuted their AirBuds, sorry, their AirPods, Twitter busted out the oil and fried Apple to a crisp for the decision. One of the main advantages of having a wire on your headphones, after all, is that it means you can’t lose one part of the wireless headphones that Apple will soon demand $160 for. Fortunately, a Korean company has nobly stepped in and created the first accessory for the AirPods: a wire so you won’t lose the expensive products Apple can’t adequately explain why they’re switching to in the first place.

Already up on Amazon for $10, Spigen’s AirPods strap is, well, it’s a wire, coated in rubber, that you connect your AirPods to. That’s it. That’s all it is. Our main question is how you charge them with the strap, since the AirPods have to fit in their own little charging box. If you have to take the strap off and on constantly, that would seem to make the point a bit moot. And if you were wondering, yes, for $10 you could just get a set of earbuds. Nice ones, even!

Still, if you must spend $160 for what looks like the spawn of a Bluetooth headset and a tampon, this extra $10 will at least ensure you’ll keep the damn things in your ears instead of accidentally dropping them down a sewer grate or on the floor, where your cat will be more than happy to swat them deep under the couch, never to be heard from again. Of course, knowing Apple, it’s likely only a matter of time before the company creates a set of AirPods that will only work with the $80 Apple Strap (yet to be announced!), but until then, enjoy.

(Via CNET)