All The 2019 Tech Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

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Let’s be honest, when it comes to gifts, everybody loves the tech. If your friends or family are holding a wrapped box with any sort of heft to it, you can be sure that they’re imagining a camera or computer or speaker or… you get the idea. It’s hard for a sweater to compete with a watch with 75 functions.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a Rockefeller to afford great electronics. There are plenty of items out there under triple digits — gifts that will excite the people you care about without upending your bank account. Bonus: you don’t have to worry about getting the size right.

Here are the best (affordable!) tech gifts for 2019.

FOR THE LISTENERS — Bose SoundLink Micro

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There is no question that people are consuming audio more than they ever have before — between music, podcast, and audiobooks. So it stands to reason that we want to be able to listen to them whenever we please. That’s where this awesome little Bose Soundlink Micro steps in.

The powerful Bluetooth speaker packs an auditory punch, and you can take it anywhere. That’s because it comes outfitted with a rugged casing that is waterproof from the inside out. Crank up your favorite podcast in your room while you get ready for the day, throw it onto your pack for a trail run outdoors, or hang it in your tent while you curl up to sleep — it’s versatile and the quality is superb.

Feel free to shop around, but you can pick it up here for $99.

FOR THE GAMERS — Alienware Gaming Headset

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Do you have a gamer in your life? Odds are, yes. Show your support in their quest to be the best by providing them with this high-resolution headgear. From one of the biggest names in computer gaming, these headphones feature 7.1 surround sound.

Any gamer will thank you for the comfort of this set’s plush memory foam and sports fabric, which cools the ears while barraging them with that in-game sound. Perhaps your friend or family member will make you their manager when their Fortnite account hits big.

Feel free to shop around, but you can pick it up here for $99.

FOR THE READERS — Kindle (New Edition)

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There is nothing like the feeling of a real book, but let’s be honest, there is already too much going on in our bags to properly pack them for every mood we’re in. This Kindle makes a great gift for your parental unit or anyone who loves to read but hasn’t yet pulled the trigger on the e-book life.

The new Kindle comes with a built-in adjustable front light so you can read indoors and outdoors. Not only that, but it has a glare-free touchscreen display that reads like real paper, even in direct sunlight.

Feel free to shop around, but you can pick it up here for $89.

FOR THE ASTRONOMERS — Celestron Portable Refractor Telescope

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There will always be the luddites who say that technology is detrimental to our connection with the universe, but how about this awesome telescope that allows you to peer into the cosmos? Who would protest this beautiful Celestron 70mm telescope, your chance to get a little closer to the stars.

There are a few eyepieces (20mm + 10mm) so you can start playing with what format works best in different environments. This is perfect for beginners or children, and even comes with a handy backpack so that you can take it on the road with you.

Feel free to shop around, but you can pick it up here for $59.


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Do you have one of those friends who always ends up breaking their iPhone screens? It happens to the best of us, but nobody has to live like that. Offer them ones of these super-strong cases by the crew over at Otterbox.

As an added bonus, the company makes an amazing array of attachments and tripods, so once they’re in the Otterbox family, they can use those for their phones as well. The next time they show up at your place with an un-cracked screen you can say, “You’re welcome”.

Feel free to shop around, but you can pick it up here for $54.

FOR THE CONTENT CREATOR — Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus


Tired of your friend always posting shaky videos of you during your waterfall jumps and kickflips? Help them out by gifting them this ready to use gimbal stabilizer that fits phones of all kinds, from the new iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy.

The package comes with the stabilizer ready to use and a tripod so that you can all share in the screen time. There are four different working modes that allow different perspectives — so that your friend can feel like a true director.

Feel free to shop around, but you can pick it up here for $89.


MEGIVEZ Bluetooth

Not everyone wants to walk around with AirPods. Some people like to break away from the generic, but it’s hard to pick with how many Bluetooth earbuds are out there. These are a step above the rest, with a 6mm dynamic driver and water-resistant casing.

They are also incredibly slick looking. Your giftee will thank you for taking their look to the next level. And if they’re still using wired earphones, they will thank you for freeing them of the tangles.

Feel free to shop around, but you can pick it up here for $45.


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The first round of fitness trackers to hit the market were a solid effort, but were far from providing accurate and really useful data. The newest round have improved sensors, but also engaging software that will keep you in the game.

This is one of those top of mind tech gifts that people enjoy thinking about, but are so hesitant to try. If you can gift one to the right kind of friend, perhaps someone training for a marathon or trying to get trail run ready for the summer, you could earn some major points. It is not all just about fitness either, the Fitbit is also about getting better sleep, and what better gift can you give than that?

Feel free to shop around, but you can pick it up here for $99.


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Do you have a friend who is constantly worrying about whether they left the oven on or perhaps how their dog is doing back home? But they also somehow have never heard of the magical technology that is the home camera system? Throw this little stocking stuffer at them.

The wide-angle lens even comes with night vision so they can keep their peace of mind into the evening hours. Not to mention, a sweet two-way audio feature so that they can speak to their lonely doggies at home.

Feel free to shop around, but you can pick it up here for $55.

FOR THE ARTIST — Apple Pencil

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This is the perfect gift for anyone creative who perhaps doesn’t have enough outlets to share. Combine with their iPad or iPad Pro to give someone the ability to draw wherever they are. Unwrap it early and invite them to draw portraits of everyone around the tree and to make you look like Idris Elba or Leo.

This gift is another example of technology used for inspiring and empowering those around us, and one that perhaps they would have never picked up on their own.

Feel free to shop around, but you can pick it up here for $95.


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These days you can get a lot more than a disposable camera for under a hundred dollars. This 16-megapixel piece comes with a 28mm wide-angle lens and 5x optical zoom. You can even record video on it, and check the large back display to make sure that everything is coming out crispy.

The camera is super slim and fits into your pocket easily. It makes the perfect gift for someone looking for an easy point and shoot either as their only photo-taker or as a companion to a larger DSLR.

Feel free to shop around, but you can pick it up here for $74.