Ranking The Cyber Monday Tech Deals That Actually Matter – UPDATED

Cyber Monday is here! A day ready-made for those who refuse to take part in the chaos that is Black Friday. The preferred shopping day for anyone who’d rather shop in their underwear with Thanksgiving leftovers nearby than camp outside of a Best Buy in winter weather with a bunch of deal hungry strangers.

We’re right there with you underwear-clad shoppers! Large crowds are one thing, but large crowds that are driven to madness by the possibility of missing out on a sale? We’ll take a hard pass on that.

Since so many Cyber Monday sales lists out there read the same, we tried to rank these deals by whether they possessed that certain “it factor.” Meaning the best deals on the coolest items can be found at the bottom of the list. That’s not to say the beginning of the list is full of junk, we just consider the stuff earlier on less essential in terms of overall savings and usefulness. Which means no Echo Dots on the list anywhere, no one is craving a deal on those things.

Here are the Cyber Monday tech deals that actually matter!

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3


Price: $278.00 (Save $71.99)

If you’re serious about your noise-canceling technology, scoop up the WH1000XM3s from Sony — they’re just about the best on the market. The headphones are touted as virtually soundproof, and the model has been called the “Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones” by Digital Trends.

Pick them up from Amazon.

JBL Charge 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Price: $99.95 (Save $130.95)

Everyone needs a portable Bluetooth speaker, it makes the act of bringing your music with you so much more enjoyable than playing it through your phone’s speaker, no matter how fancy your smartphone is. Whether you’re working on your art, doing chores around the house, or doing some maintenance and deep cleaning, listening to music enhances the experience, and JBL’s portable waterproof speaker is a whopping 57% off on Amazon right now.

We can’t in good conscious say “hey you absolutely need to buy this $200 speaker to make chores more fun,” but we can when the price is cut down by more than half, that’s a steal!

Buy it on Amazon.

Sonos Site-Wide Sale


Price: $129-$399 (Save up to $100)

Portable speakers are one thing but when it comes to your home sound system quality and positioning are everything. Sonos makes modest size speakers with room-filling sound that are easy to move around, allowing you to find that sweet spot in your home where music just sings.

For Cyber Monday, Sonos is holding a site-wide sale on their entire line of speakers, from the Sonos One to the Sonos 5.1 Surround Set. Grab two Sonos Ones for $298 and you’ll have everything you need for high-quality sound, and you’ll save a cool $100 which you can spend on some cool mood lighting — now you have a whole vibe going!

Check out the Sonos-line with sale prices here.

Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 Bundle


Price: $299.99 (Save $60)

With a library of 1,936 different games, the Nintendo Switch has something for everyone conveniently accessible in a travel-friendly system capable of handling triple-A first and third-party games on the go. That’s huge!

By now it feels like everyone has a Nintendo Switch, except for you, so pick up the system now from Amazon, where it’s being sold with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe pre-installed. Mario Kart 8 is insanely fun and with the Switch’s detachable controllers, you’ll have an extra controller to pass to a friend instantly!

Pick it up from Amazon.

PlayStation 4 + Three Game Bundle

Best Buy

Price: $199.99

For Cyber Monday, Best Buy is offering the biggest savings on the PlayStation 4 with this 1TB Slim model bundled with God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and the Last of Us pre-loaded. That’s the best selling system of this console generation, with three critically adored games for just under $200! The PlayStation 4 currently enjoys the most robust game library of the big three systems, and while the PlayStation 5 is just around the corner, the 4 offers plenty to fill up your time between then and now. Between the three games, you’re looking at almost 100 hours of playtime which could last you almost a year without needing to buy a new game if you keep your habits on the casual end.

Pick it up at Best Buy.

Xbox One 1TB Digital Edition


Price: $149.00 (Save 100.99)

The Xbox one is cheaper than ever on Amazon right now, at just $149 for the 1TB digital edition of the console. Game collectors will lament the idea of a digital console, but for those who live a more minimal lifestyle and don’t want the clutter of having a game collection, the ease of having all of their games conveniently accessible from their console will significantly reduce the space your gaming takes up.

Pick it up from Amazon here.

TCL 43-inch 4K UHD Roku Smart Tv


Price:$249.99 (Save $250)

For those looking for a TV on the modest end, this Roku-equipped 43-inch smart TV by TCL is marked down by 50% on Amazon — that’s a deal too good for us to ignore. Thanks to Roku TV, with this smart TV you’ll have access to more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes paired with 4K Ultra HD picture clarity for a near-lifelike display, offering the type of immersion that’ll make this tv’s smaller screen size feel negligible.

Pick it up at Amazon.

HP Envy 13-Inch Laptop


Price:$949.99 (Save $200)

Ahh, the pleasure of scooping up a laptop worth over a grand for under a grand. That’s the kind of deal we’re all about. The HP Envy sports increased security features like a webcam kill switch and an integrated fingerprint reader, and features a 4K display, a modern 8th generation processor, and comes equipped with a 513 GB solid-state hard drive with 16gb of ram. It’s fully featured and one of the best creator-friendly non-Apple laptops currently on the market.

Pick it up at Amazon.

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch


Price: $1,499.99 (Save $299)

If you’re in the market for a new MacBook Pro, the baseline 13-inch 256GB model is currently selling on Amazon marked down by 17%. This 13-inch model features an Ultrafast solid-state hard drive and the latest Touch Bar and Touch ID technology, with four USB-C ports, and an ultra-slim and light design that makes traveling a breeze. A powerful workstation in a small package, the MacBook Pro is the type of laptop that’ll stay competitive for at minimum six years, which is considerably longer than most laptops.

Buy it from Amazon here.

Google Pixel 4/ 4 XL


Prices: $599 for the Pixel 4 (Save $200), $699 for the 4 XL (Save $200)

Amazon has the best deal on Google’s Pixel 4 phones with $200 off the list price. The deal is on unlocked versions of the Pixel 4 phone, so you don’t have to make any multi-year commitments or signups, you’re just straight-up buying a phone — it’s your property now, isn’t that liberating?

Pick up unlocked versions of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL for $200 off their retail price at Amazon. No multi-year commitments or signups necessary, once you buy this baby it’s yours! Isn’t that liberating?

Buy the Pixel 4/ 4 XL from Amazon now.

Apple iPad (Latest Model)


Price: $329 (Save $100)

Amazon has marked down the latest version of the slightly beefed up 128gb Apple iPad by $100, bringing it to a manageable $329, which is considerably cheap for an Apple product that sits comfortably at the top of the tablet market. (With that $100 you save, we strongly suggest picking up Apple Care and getting your device insured, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress.)

Choose between the space gray or silver, the rose gold option is unfortunately only available in the 32gb size, which is sold out.

Pick it up at Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with Galaxy Buds


Price: $899.99 for the Note 10+ (Save $329.99)

Save over $300 on a brand new factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and as an added bonus you’ll receive a free pair of Galaxy Buds wireless headphones, making this one of the best smartphone deals of Cyber Monday. Why use wired headphones like some kind of dinosaur, when you can listen to your tunes wirelessly? While wired headphones still have their benefits, wireless headphones are superior when it comes to working out — there are few things worse than getting tangled up in your headphones while you’re getting your jog on.

Pick it up from Amazon.

Apple iPad Pro (Latest Model)


Price: $1,099.99 (Save $249.01)

Pro photographers and videographers on the hunt for a travel-friendly work station can grab this 1TB, 11-inch Apple iPad Pro for almost $250 cheaper than its retail price. Featuring an 11-inch Liquid Retina display and an A12 bionic chip, you have everything you need to handle process-heavy and graphics card-dependent apps like PhotoShop or various video editing applications. The iPad Pro is travel-friendly and its hands-on interface streamlines the workflow of photo editing, making this a perfect creator’s tool and mobile workstation.

Pick it up at Amazon.

Sony X950G 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


Price: $1,398 (Save $401.99)

Featuring HDR and Alexa compatibility, this 2019 Sony Smart TV enjoys increasing clarity thanks to its high dynamic range and ultra-accurate contrast, allowing for darker darks and brighter brights. The TV is equipped with Sony’s Acoustic Multi Audio sync sound and uses Motion flow XR technology to result in zero screen blur, creating an immersive experience that’ll turn your living room into a movie theater.

It’s an expensive buy, but this is near the top of the line in terms of modern-day smart TVs with a price 22% cheaper than what it normally retails for.

Buy it from Amazon here.

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