People Are Dropping Their iPhone X’s And Sharing Their Expensive Horror Stories

On November 3rd, the iPhone X was released into the wild and Apple fanatics (or people looking to make a quick buck) are scooping them up across the country. According to various reports, the $1000 iPhone X has sold out in over 20 major cities, and online orders are backed up at least three to four weeks. After the iPhone 8’s surprisingly quiet launch, it’s clear that Apple is back on top and generating the buzz that’s typical of an iPhone release. A lot of the excitement comes from Apple’s leaps forward in tech. The facial recognition and horsepower under the hood of the device is unprecedented. And with a glass back, the X can charge wirelessly.

With that glass case, however, comes responsibility.

CNET did God’s work and put the new casing of the phone to the test. The drop test, to be exact. They let the phone fall to the ground from three feet up (estimated pocket height) to see exactly how much abuse it could take. Sadly, it failed miserably, cracking on three corners on the first fall. As CNET points out, if you don’t have the $200 AppleCare+, repairing or replacing the screen can cost up to $600, so there’s $1600 down the drain if you don’t get a case for your iPhone X and drop it immediately.

Techrax put together a video testing out the new glass, and the jist of it is that the back glass, for some reason, is much stronger than the front-facing glass (CNET concurred with their report). Here they are, brutalizing the iPhone X with a knife and a hammer. It doesn’t hold up.

Of course, the horror stories are beginning to trickle out on social media. Thoughts and prayers to those affected.