An iPhone X Heist Has San Francisco Police Looking For Three Suspects

The iPhone X probably isn’t worth the extra money, but anticipation for it remains at an all-time high because, hey, Apple. And where there’s demand, there’s criminal activity, which is why the San Francisco police are looking for three suspects selling iPhone X units they literally stole off the back of a truck.

According to San Francisco’s CBS affiliate, the three “husky” men in hoodies stole 313 iPhone X models, which have a retail value of $999 apiece and will likely fetch a much higher price on eBay. Apparently they waited until a UPS guy was distracted and then cleaned out his truck of every Apple product they could get. So, if you’re buying an iPhone X from San Francisco on a third-party site, keep in mind that it may not show up, or you may have your phone impounded by the police as evidence.

And don’t expect these stories to slow down. Demand for the iPhone X is absurdly high and while Apple appears to have addressed its supply chain issues, there’s still going to be a long wait for it. So, as the Christmas season arrives and competition for the hot new phone intensifies, don’t be surprised if this is the first of many iPhone heists.

(via The Verge)

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