iPhone X And iPhone 8 Revealed: Everything You Need To Know

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It’s been rumored for months. Leaks have been everywhere. And now it’s finally here: The iPhone X. Oh, and a bunch of other iPhones too! Here’s everything you need to know.

iPhone X

Calling it the “iPhone Ten,” Apple has debuted a “Super Retina” display, with 2.7 million pixels and an edge-to-edge screen, the highest resolution on an iPhone. It supports HDR, as well. It does indeed do away with the Home button, but now you can just tap it to wake it up, which, hopefully, will be able to sense being in your pocket. You then swipe up from the bottom to go home. The gestures Apple showed off are fairly intuitive, but we imagine it’ll take some of us some getting used to.

Apple also confirmed “Face ID,” wherein your iPhone knows your face and will only unlock if you look at it, using an infrared camera and a dot array to pick out the exact geography of your face. If the face looking at your phone isn’t yours, or if you’re even looking away or keeping your eyes closed, your phone won’t open. Of course, this means Apple knows, literally, exactly who you are, although that data is only stored on your phone. They’ve promised it won’t be stored on remote servers.

They claim Face ID can adapt to subtle changes, which users will likely put to the test, and even used Hollywood quality masks to try and fool it. Apple claims there’s a one in a million chance, literally, of Face ID getting fooled. That will still no doubt inspire some privacy questions, not to mention what might happen if you suffer facial injury. And, for that matter, that your phone is constantly monitoring your face is a bit… odd. Still, this is incredibly advanced technology, and if Apple can really pull it off, it’ll be a coup. And yes, it works with Apple Pay. You can officially pay for things with a selfie. Of course, the passcode isn’t going anywhere; in fact, the live demo had it pop up first thing.

On the goofier end of things, you can use this software to control emoji with your face. So if you want a nodding panda emoji, you can now make it with ease, and yes, you can customize the poo emoji. You can even send an animated message with the emoji, complete with your voice. You can also layer masks over your face in selfies, which we sure will not be abused.

Apple has also increased the battery life, to two hours longer than the iPhone 7. So when can you get it? Preorders open on October 27th, with the phone shipping November 3rd. It’ll start at $999.

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