Here’s How To Activate The iOS9 Glitch That Can Make Your Phone Run Faster

Life & Culture Editor
03.09.16 3 Comments


The iPhone 6s is fast. In comparison to its predecessors, it runs a marathon in the time it takes them to lace up their shoes and start loading even the most lightweight of apps. But there’s no denying it could be faster. And if you can’t wait for the next iteration of phones to make your dreams of loading and closing apps at lightning speed a reality, there’s now a glitch you can utilize to make your phone run faster than before. The best part? There’s no “hacking” required. You don’t even need to connect your phone to a computer. Jail-breaking? What’s that?

In the video below, 9to5Mac explains exactly what you need to do to make your phone run faster than Speedy Gonzalez racing The Roadrunner. Don’t want to venture into glitch territory? That’s fine (The Matrix is scary) and you can already make your phone go faster by reducing animations in the accessibility settings. But if you’re truly ready to turn your phone into a machine more powerful than you’ve ever imagined, check this out:

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