A New iPhone, And What Else To Expect From Apple’s March Event

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As you might have heard, Apple will be holding a March event to announce stuff. Just what stuff exactly is still under wraps (Apple being Apple), but based on rumors and the company’s update schedule, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect.

A New iPad

The iPad is due for an update, especially now that sales are down and the last update was two years ago, and many Apple watchers expect the iPad Air 3 to arrive in March. If this follows the iPad script, don’t expect many radical changes. It’ll be thinner, faster, better, and roughly ten inches on a diagonal. That said, keep an eye out; Apple might be testing their rumored doing-away with the headphone jack with the iPad.

The iPhone 5se

The rumor of a tiny iPhone has been going around for a while, and it looks like Apple is going to debut it at this event. So far, it’s essentially the iPhone 6S, just scaled down for a four-inch screen and at a cheaper price. For people who don’t want giganto-phones, or want an iPhone at a lower cost, this might be the best news they hear all week.

New Apple Watch Bands

Give Apple this, they don’t quit. It’s clear that the Apple Watch, while selling steadily, hasn’t exactly been the next iPhone the company was hoping for, but they’re supporting it anyway, with new watch bands.

We’ll know exactly what Apple’s up to in March, but, for now, if you’re thinking about buying an iPad, you might want to hold off. A much better one might be waiting for you.

(Via 9to5Mac)

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