Kayak Is Letting You Search For Flights With Emoji, And You Get To Decide Which City Is The Poop

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06.23.17 2 Comments


Ah, the emoji. It says a lot about our society that we want to communicate with tiny little pictures, that they’re marketing tools, and that they get their own movie. And now, we can find flights with them, or at least we will next week on Kayak.

Kayak is rolling out a feature next week where typing in certain emoji will get you results for a certain city. Put the Statue of Liberty in and you will, of course, get flights to New York City, a maple leaf gets you results for Toronto, and so on. But, of course, there are a few emoji open to vote, such as the pride flag, the electric guitar, and yes, the poop emoji.

In fact, we expect the poop emoji to be hard fought; a quick poll of our writer’s room couldn’t agree on a city, although Cleveland won a narrow majority of two votes, with Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, the whole state of Arizona, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, and Bakersfield, CA as other nominees. That said, sorry, Cleveland, you’re probably getting mocked yet again, but some of us still love you.

If you’d like to vote for yourself, you can go vote in Kayak’s campaign right now.

(via Kayak)

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