Draymond Green Follows His Game Four Non-Ejection By Insulting Cleveland: ‘They Don’t Seem Like The Sharpest People Around’

Draymond Green already didn’t have many friends in Cleveland heading into Game Four of the NBA Finals on Friday night. Not only did he want to win on Cleveland’s turf and celebrate another championship with the Warriors in enemy territory, he also managed to get into some controversy with his non-ejection after receiving what appeared to be his second technical foul of the game. It caused a great deal of confusion for Green and continued to make him a target for Cleveland fans, a fact that he addressed after the game by pouring more gasoline on the fiery relationship:

“I don’t pay much attention to anybody in Cleveland. They don’t seem to be the sharpest people around.”

As Jack Maloney over at CBS sports points out, this isn’t exactly the most creative trash talk from someone of Green’s caliber. He is one of the few to keep the spirit of trash talk alive in today’s game, after all.

But even with it being a simple burn on the fans in Cleveland, it still didn’t sit well with many:

Probably the most visible person to take offense to Green’s comments was Cleveland native and broadcaster Vince Cellini on NBA TV. While he saved the tougher comments for Twitter, Cellini defended the city and the culture it brings to the table. He also made sure to note that the series was 3-1 once again, a possible repeat of last year’s Finals.