How To Use Facebook’s New Reaction Emojis Without Losing Friends

Life & Culture Editor
01.31.16 2 Comments


For far too long, Facebook has hampered your ability to express yourself correctly by only allowing you to comment (“amen”) or like a post, even when liking seemed like the wrong thing to do. But after years of people getting angry at well-meaning friends who “like” the news that one’s beloved grandma has passed, Facebook is finally making things just a tiny bit better by rolling out a slate of emojis you can respond with instead of just clicking a thumbs up.

But how do you use them? How do you go from a simple “like” to some kind of undulating heart or tearful smile? We here at Uproxx know that there’s nothing more embarrassing than messing up on social media, so we came up with a handy guide that will help you figure out exactly which emoji to use in which situation, whether’s it’s responding to a wedding announcement or commiserating with a friend who’s just shared that their dog has butt worms. (Maybe just delete that friend, though.)



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