Mirrors Are Transforming To Make Every Day A Little More Futuristic

03.18.19 5 months ago


Over the past few years, we’ve seen consumer technology make leaps and bounds to the way we exercise, travel, and live our daily lives. You can now program your fridge to track what food you need to buy, communicate with people who speak different languages via handheld devices, and even have your car drive you to work. But nowhere is the funky, whimsical Iron Man-esque consumer technology that’s changing the very fabric of humanity becoming more apparent than in smart mirrors.

Yes, seriously. These futuristic advancements in tech are giving a whole new meaning to “objects in mirror are closer than they appear” and are also taking mirrors from simple $25 pieces of glass to so much more. Here’s how our ordinary bathroom mirrors could become one of our more expensive home items, beyond the looking glass.

Personal training is as simple as hanging a mirror in your living room.

While exercise technology becomes more sophisticated, one of the prime examples of that sophistication comes in the form of a regular-looking mirror.

Working out at home is now easier than ever—we know this. Thanks to the likes of smartwatches and fitness apps, gone are the days where you need to pop in a DVD and try your best to follow along to a yoga program or try to keep up with Jillian Michaels as she attempts to give you shredded abs. These days, at-home workouts are as close to personal training as one could get without actually hiring a personal trainer, not least of which thanks to smart mirror personal trainers.

Take, for example, Mirror, a personal training mirror that Digital Trends calls an “on-demand, interactive home gym built into what looks like an ordinary full-length mirror. […] The device is essentially a one-way mirror baked into a giant LCD screen, and behind your reflection, it lets you see a personal trainer who guides you through a variety of workouts.” Not only can you park yourself in front of one of these mirrors and follow along—literally mirroring the form of the person on the screen—you can also get real-time updates on all of your fitness data.

Track heart rate, calories burned, form, and more so you can gauge how you’re doing in the moment. Plus, just like a real personal trainer, personal training mirrors even give you little nudges when you need to pick up the pace. Bonus: they won’t hear you mutter, “Screw you” under your breath before doing another set of burpees.

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