How Technology Is Transforming The Way We Exercise


“I’m going to spin class.”

The announcement was made by my sister, currently standing in the middle of her living room.

“Uh, now?” I asked. She was already wearing her spin shoes.

“Yeah, it starts in five.”

I gave her the side-eye. How was she going to get to a spin studio in less than five minutes? She met my gaze, then proceeded to clack her way downstairs, into her basement. She had just purchased a Peloton bike, the interactive, web-synched adult toy-of-the-moment, for Christmas. When she finished her 45-minute class, she reemerged — sweating, smiling, and looking for a snack.

I asked her how it was, and she grinned at me, “Amazing. I feel great.”

My sister isn’t the only one using new innovations to get ripped. Thanks to advances in everything from workout gear to nutrition, technology is transforming the way we exercise. It’s becoming more equitable and safer for everyone involved. Whether you’re a serious athlete or a twice-a-week jogger, technology has changed the game for the better. You could even say it has made us harder, better, faster, and stronger.