There Are Already New iPhone Rumors, And They’re Fairly Credible

Senior Contributor


Yes, we know, the iPhone X has barely even been on the market a month. But, once Apple debuts a new iPhone, the countdown begins for next September, and the rumors begin firing up. But the first set to arrive are some fairly credible reports that a cheaper, sturdier iPhone X is on the way.

According to BGR, the current round of reports, which come from the more reliable analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo, has Apple working on an 5.8 inch and 6.3 inch OLED iPhone X. That, in of itself, isn’t terribly surprising. It’s the iPhone X 2 (maybe XI? Who knows?) and the iPhone X 2 Plus, not exactly surprising. What is intriguing is that there’s a third iPhone in the works, with an LCD screen 6.1 inches in size, and a metal back. Interestingly, it’ll also have the edge-to-edge screen, which points to it also having Face ID, instead of Touch ID. The cheaper components point, almost with certainty, to Apple at least making an effort to engineer a cheaper phone to go along with what will no doubt be the at least slightly pricier new iPhone X line.

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